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Since it’s inception in 1994, Focus Consulting has completed over 130 reports for a wide range of clients including; numerous municipalities, provincial and federal ministries and agencies, and a number of national and provincial associations and trade bodies.

This research and policy work includes extensive research on affordable housing, alternative financing models, housing projections, market analysis, socio-economic analysis, feasibility analysis of rental development, housing need and affordability studies, analysis of homelessness and neighbourhood renewal/regeneration.

Where available, download links are provided.

Current (in progress)

Analysis and assessment of recently announced federal Rental Housing Construction Finance program, for Canadian Home Builders Association

Potential Targeting and Design of a Housing Benefit in the National Housing Strategy


Encouraging Construction and Retention of Purpose-Built Rental Housing in Canada: Analysis of Federal Tax Policy Options for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and Greater Toronto Housing Action Lab (with Greg Lampert)

Peer Review of the Social Housing Program Evaluation for the Department: Planning Monitoring And Evaluation Office of the Presidency, South Africa

Assessment of Alternative Measures to Promote Access to Homeownership, prepared for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (with Greg Lampert, Economic Consultant), October 2015

Literature Review and State of Knowledge of the Non- Housing Outcomes of Affordable and Stable Housing for CMHC

Tenant Experience and Satisfaction Survey for Ottawa Community Housing

A Simpler, Cheaper Housing Subsidy: Reimagining the Delivery of Housing Assistance in Ontario. Brief prepared for the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association as a submission to the Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy Consultation.

Business Transformation – Best Practices for Social and Affordable Housing Prepared for Housing Partnership Canada.

Long Term Financing of Social Housing in South Africa: Examination of Current Practice And Alternatives For A More Sustainable Future. Rooftops Canada and National Association of Social Housing Organizations (NASHO).

Literature Review of International Rental Housing Policies, for CMHC

Examining the Fiduciary Role of Co-operative Housing Boards in a Regulated Environment, for CHF Ontario

Peer Review of the Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) Socio-Economic Analysis:Value of Toronto Community Housing’s 10-Year Capital Investment Plan Return on Social Investment Research Report. Toronto Community Housing

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