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    MNPHA Keynote, End of an Era: Does Social Housing Have a Future? Presentation at Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Conference, Nov 22, 2013

    IRPP Housing and Aging Population
    Institute for Public Policy Conference Age-Friendly Communities in Ontario: Multi-level Governance, Coordination Challenges and Policy Implications Nov 5, 2013

    The Harper Years in Housing
    Powerpoint slides from Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, Oct 18, 2013

    Trends and Current Issues in Canada’s Housing System
    Joint 43rd IUFA Annual Conference and the Canadian Urban Forum
    Ottawa, June 2013

    Developing a Business Case for Continued Federal Engagement and Funding Supports for Housing
    Provincial-Territorial Housing Ministers Meeting
    June 2013

    The Devil’s in the Details: Using Planning Tools to Facilitate Preservation and Development of Affordable Housing
    University of Waterloo School of Planning
    March 2013

    CBC Radio February 2012: Rental debate on FCM Rental Housing Proposals CBC Feb 2012 Rental Debate



    OECD Best Practices Review Of Housing Finance Mechanims For Funding Rental Housing Projects In Lac Region
    InterAmerica Development Bank
    Washington, November 2012

    End of Operating Agreements:  A Wake Up Call Ontario
    Non-Profit Housing  Association Conference
    November 2012

    Exploring the Need and Opportunity to Enhance Access to Housing Market Opportunities in the Yukon
    YHC Board
    October 2012

    Options to Expand the Supply of Affordable Housing
    Presentation to Affordable Housing Subcommittee of the Regional Planning Commissioners of Ontario
    November 2012

    Oh Shit! What Now? Managing the Expiring Subsidy Challenge
    CHRA Congress
    May 2012


    Expiring Federal Housing Operating Agreements: Impacts and Implications for Providers and Service Managers
    Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association Conference
    Niagara Falls, October 2011

    The Fundamentals of Housing Policy and Governance
    Condensed one day course for new professional, CHRA Congress
    Regina, April 2011

    Housing and Homelessness: What has history Taught us?
    Keynote discussion, Ontario Municipal Social Services Association
    Toronto, November 2010

    Moving Forward: Housing as an Economic Stimulus
    Panelist, CHRA Annual Congress
    Quebec, April 2010

    Transferring Social Housing Assets to the Community Sector: Examination of the Canadian Experience and Lessons for Australia
    Conference on Comparative Housing Research – Approaches and Policy Challenges in a New International Era, Delft Technical University
    Netherlands, March 2010

    The Devil’s in the Details: The Evolving Administrative Arrangements for the Ownership and Management of Social Housing in Ontario, Canada
    Australian National Housing Conference
    Melbourne, November 2009

    Testimony on the Need for a National Strategy on Housing and Homelessness
    Subcommittee on Cities Senate Roundtable, Senate of Canada
    Ottawa, June 2009

    Examining the Social Elements of Public Infrastructure : Impacts on Competitiveness and Implications for Governance

    Preparing for your Section 95 Mortgage Payoff
    Ontario Non Profit Housing Association
    Toronto, 2008

    Dispelling Some Myths: Recent Trends in Canadian Housing Markets and Implications for Housing Policy
    Housing in Nipissing Communities: Building the Foundations Forum
    June 2008

    National Action Plan on Housing and Homelessness
    Briefing Prepared for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Big City Mayor’s Caucus
    January 2008

    The Business Case for a Housing Based Approach to Reduce Homelessness
    PDF | PPT
    Region of Waterloo Housing Day
    November 2007

    Designing a Housing Tax Credit in Canada
    CHRA, 2006

    Proactive versus Reactive Responses to Homelessness: A Costing Analysis

    Financing Affordable Housing in a New Context
    CHRA, 2002