Research Reports

Since it’s inception in 1994, Focus Consulting has completed over 150 reports for a wide range of clients including; numerous municipalities, provincial and federal ministries and agencies, and a number of national and provincial associations and trade bodies.

This research and policy work includes extensive research on affordable housing, alternative financing models, housing projections, market analysis, socio-economic analysis, feasibility analysis of rental development, housing need and affordability studies, analysis of homelessness and neighbourhood renewal/regeneration.

Where available, reports can be searched using the search bar. 

Current (in progress)

Addressing the expiry challenge: Using Post 1985 expiry to transform the community housing sector in Manitoba, Prepared for MNPHA

Assessing First Nations Housing Need in BC, Prepared for BC Housing

Review and options to strengthen the National Housing Strategy, Prepared for the Canadian Human Rights Commissions – Federal Housing Advocate


Housing Services Organizational and Governance Analysis, Prepared for the City of Ottawa, Housing Services

Exploring the need for an Inclusionary Zoning Bylaw and Additional Residential Unit Policy in the Town of Perth, Ontario

Background Primer on Canada’s Housing System, Prepared for the Canadian Human Rights Commissions – Federal Housing Advocate

Toward Evidence Based Policy: Assessing the CMHC Rental Housing Finance Initiative (RCFI)?


10-Year Municipal Housing and Homelessness Plan for the City of Kingston and County of Frontenac – Five-Year Review, Prepared for the City of Kingston

Creating a Revolving Affordable Housing Acquisition Fund in Ottawa, for the Ottawa Community Foundation

Examining the feasibility and options for an inclusionary zoning policy in Toronto, for the Maytree Foundation and Convene Toronto.

Background analysis and possible new targets and actions: A discussion paper to stimulate input in updating the City of Ottawa 10 Year Plan on Housing and Homelessness, for Ottawa City Council, Urban Caucus

Rental Housing in Canada’s Cities: Challenges & Responses (with Duncan Maclennan) for FCM/Maytree Foundation Urban Project

Promising practices in affordable housing: Evolution and innovation in BC and Quebec, Prepared for Canadian Housing Policy Roundtable 

Exploring Opportunities In The Intermediate Rental Market In Ottawa. Brief prepared for Ottawa Community Housing


Inventory of Market Incentive Programs, for CMHC

Affordable Market Housing in Ottawa: Proceedings of Oct 3rd Forum, for the Ottawa Community Foundation

Designing a First-Time Homebuyer Affordability Indicator, prepared for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (with Greg Lampert)

Affordable Market Housing in Ottawa: Report from the October 3, 2018 Forum, Ottawa Community Foundation.

Financing Renewal of the Existing Social Housing Stock: An International Comparison Conference Paper: Partnerships for Affordable Rental Housing, University of Calgary, November 15-17, 2018

2018 Ottawa Community Housing Tenant Experience and Satisfaction Survey, Prepared for Ottawa Community Housing

Background analysis for MVHC 10- year action plan on affordable rental housing for Metro Vancouver Regional District

Time to get on Board, Event Summary: Building More Affordable Housing Near Rapid Transit Stations in Ottawa, April 20, 2018. Prepared for The City of Ottawa, the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation, and Healthy Transportation Coalition

Brief for OSFI on Risk Management Guidelines For Home Ownership Assistance Models And Shared- Appreciation Mortgage Products (with Jeff Evenson, Canadian Urban Institute) for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA)

Review of Implications of Recent Affordable Housing Policy and the National Housing Strategy on Potential University Faculty Home Ownership (for specific university)

Envisioning a Modernized Social and Affordable Housing Sector in Canada

Assessment of CMHC Rental Construction Financing Initiative May 2017

Why core housing need is a poor metric to monitor the national housing strategy, for Caledon Institute of Social Policy

Potential Targeting and Design of a Housing Benefit in the National Housing Strategy, for CMHC

Mortgage Down Payment and Borrower Behaviour: Literature Review and Assessment (with Ian Lee, for CMHC)

Aboriginal Provider Employment Organizational Capacity and Sustainability (with Jamey Burr for CHRA Aboriginal Caucus)

Challenges and opportunities in financing affordable housing in Canada. Background Brief prepared for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Encouraging Construction and Retention of Purpose-Built Rental Housing in Canada: Analysis of Federal Tax Policy Options for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and Greater Toronto Housing Action Lab (with Greg Lampert)

Peer Review of the Social Housing Program Evaluation for the Department: Planning Monitoring And Evaluation Office of the Presidency, South Africa

Assessment of Alternative Measures to Promote Access to Homeownership, prepared for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (with Greg Lampert, Economic Consultant), October 2015

Literature Review and State of Knowledge of the Non- Housing Outcomes of Affordable and Stable Housing for CMHC

Tenant Experience and Satisfaction Survey for Ottawa Community Housing

A Simpler, Cheaper Housing Subsidy: Reimagining the Delivery of Housing Assistance in Ontario. Brief prepared for the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association as a submission to the Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy Consultation.

Business Transformation – Best Practices for Social and Affordable Housing Prepared for Housing Partnership Canada.

Long Term Financing of Social Housing in South Africa: Examination of Current Practice And Alternatives For A More Sustainable Future. Rooftops Canada and National Association of Social Housing Organizations (NASHO).

Literature Review of International Rental Housing Policies, for CMHC

Examining the Fiduciary Role of Co-operative Housing Boards in a Regulated Environment, for CHF Ontario

Peer Review of the Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) Socio-Economic Analysis:Value of Toronto Community Housing’s 10-Year Capital Investment Plan Return on Social Investment Research Report. Toronto Community Housing

Course content for accreditation course for the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Canada Level 2 Course 3: Housing Policy

Developing a Housing Need Assessment Framework, for Edmonton Capital Region Board

Evaluation of the Toronto Streets to Homes Follow-up Program for Shelter Housing and Supports Division, City Toronto

Sustaining and Renewing Social Housing for Low Income Households (With James McGregor) for CHRA

Reframing the Housing Challenge, for the Federation of Canadian Municipalites

Research Framework for the Long Term Financing of Social Housing in South Africa, for the National Association of South Africa Housing Organizations and Rooftops Canada

The fiscal impact of expiring federal subsidies

Finding Common Ground: Best Practices in Managing Resistance to Affordable Housing – Case studies on experience in proactively managing community resistance to affordable and supportive housing
Literature Review on Family Homelessness, for Region of Waterloo, May 2013

A Well-Housed Nation Is A Productive Nation: The Business Case For Sustained Federal Engagement and Funding For Affordable Housing (2013). Prepared for the Provincial-territorial Housing Minsters Working Group

Comprehensive Review and Assessment of Housing Issues in Yukon (2013, with Luigi Zanasi) for Yukon Housing Corporation

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