The Future of Social Housing: Toward a More Sustainable Future. CMHC National Housing Conference, Ottawa, November 22nd, 2018

Preparing for an Expiring Operating Agreement, BC Central Conference, Vancouver BC, November 2018.

Public Subsidy for Social Housing Stock Renewal: An International Comparison, Partnerships for Affordable Rental Housing, University of Calgary, November 15, 2018

Affordable Housing Outcomes: What Does Success Look Like? Open Doors conference,
Calgary November 14, 2018

Examining Opportunities To Create And Preserve Market Affordable Housing,
Ottawa Community Foundation Oct 3rd, 2018

Canada’s Social Housing System Brief to AHURI Delegation, September 10, 2018

Being opportunistic in a changing funding world: Sustainability in the affordable housing sector
Anhart Community Housing Society, Vancouver, June 26th, 2018

Building a Better City: Solutions for Affordable Housing, Globe and Mail Conference, June 21, 2018

Non-Housing Outcomes of Accessible and Affordable Housing, Third Annual Canadian Homelessness Data Sharing Initiative, Calgary May 28-29, 2018

Evolving Mortgage Finance and Impact on Consumers, Northwind Housing Finance Forum   February 8th, 2018

Exploring Opportunities in the National Housing Strategy, ONPHA Leadership Series,
February 6th, 2018



Reaction to the National Housing Strategy, Closing Panel, Alliance to End Homelessness, Ottawa November 2017

Modernizing Ontario’s/Canada’s Social Housing System, Shaping our Future ONPHA Conference November 2017

Public Subsidy for Social Housing Stock Renewal: An International Comparison, CMHC Housing Finance Symposium, October, 2017

Minister’s Expert Panel: Final stages of Developing the National Housing Strategy, Ottawa, October 2017

New Opportunities to Generate Equity and Enhance Sustainability: An Assessment of the New CMHC Rental Construction Financing Initiative, Ottawa Community Housing, September 2017

New Opportunities in Rental Housing Financing: Setting the context, CHRA Congress May 2017, Halifax

The uncoupling of housing costs and income, Tyee Action for Housing Now, Vancouver, March, 2017

Can we do better? Innovating to a Better Future For Social Housing, Niagara Regional Housing Staff Development Day, December, 2015

Non-Housing Outcomes of Accessible and Affordable Housing Presentation to National Housing Research Committee (NHRC) November, 2015

Federal States and Public Housing Transformation: The Case of Canada. National Housing Conference Perth Australia November 2015 [no ppt]

Trends and issues in Canadian Social Housing , Federation of New Soth Wales Housing Associations, Sydney Australia, Oct 2015

Infrastructure and Municipal Affairs: Housing, Pre-election forum, University of Ottawa, September 2015

Housing issues in the federal election Presentation to FCM Big City Mayors Caucus September, 2015

The Broader Context for Housing in Ottawa. Ottawa Community Housing Board, June 2015

Business Transformation – Best Practices for Social and Affordable Housing, Housing Partnerships Canada April 2015


CBC: Lack of a coherent policy on housing (May 2015)

BNN: Canada’s housing problems hitting rental sector affordability (May 2015)

Finding Common Ground (Addressing Community Opposition to Housing), Presentation at CHRA Annual Congress, Edmonton, April 2014

Strengthening the Institutional Framework for a Sustainable Social Housing Sector in South Africa, April 2014, Johannesburg {link}

Expiration of Operating Agreements: Planning For the Future in Manitoba, Manitoba Non Profit Housing Association June 2014 {link}

“The Devil’s in the Details: Using Planning Tools to Facilitate Preservation and Development of Affordable Housing” March 8th University of Waterloo School of Planning {link}

“Trends and current issues in Canada’s Housing System” presented at Joint 43rd IUFA Annual Conference and the Canadian Urban Forum

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