We specialize in housing policy research, housing strategy, financial feasibility and market analysis. Focus Consulting Inc. is the corporate face of Steve Pomeroy, one of Canada’s leading housing research consultants.

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With his extensive knowledge of social housing policy and program design, Steve has helped the social housing sector understand its key challenges, as well as the policy changes needed to ensure the sustainability of Canada’s social housing stock.

Dallas Alderson – Director of Policy and Programs, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA)


Steve is one of the foremost leading thinkers and experts on the trends and economics of housing in Canada who is internationally recognized and revered. His approach to solution development is never a template approach but always the result of extensive problem identification and thorough analysis. None are better.

Sharad Kerur – Executive Director, Ontario Non Profit Housing Association


Congratulations Steve on your Leadership Award!! Very well deserved to say the least. You have been the go to guy for insightful ideas and analysis in housing for a long time. Your impact has been huge from coast to coast.

Gary Glauser – Executive Director New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association