Current Insights

New report on repurposing federal social housing funds

Sept 2017 Steve has just published a research brief examining the options and impacts of redirecting federal savings from expiring operating agreements..... it is available here CURE-Policy Brief #8: Reinvesting Federal Social Housing Baseling Funds.pdf

Money for Nothing?

June 2014 Last month Calgary mayor, Naheed Nenshi expressed an interest in mandatory inclusionary zoning to force developers to apportion a percentage of the units they are building for affordable housing (Nenshi senses housing crisis, G&M Mar 28th). While this...

Steve muses on future of CMHC (Globe and Mail)

Last week I submitted a Letter to the Editor of the Globe and Mail. While it was published in the electronic version of the paper on Nov 30th, it was severely edited removing the nuances that I had included. You can see the published version (page down through...

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